Colette Wetzel Cultured Grazing Company


Hi from your token cheese friend! My name is Colette and I'm the owner and founder of Cultured Grazing Company. 

Born and raised in sunny Florida, I moved to Austin in 2016 to pursue a more fulfilling career and creative life. In 2017, Cultured was born from a desire to build the community I was in search of.

I was brought up in a large, loud, french family which has instilled in me a love for entertaining and celebration. I love a red lip, a glass of wine, and a good, deep conversation. If I’m not feeding people, I’m likely thrift shopping or traveling somewhere. I believe wholeheartedly in the value of authenticity and intentionality behind everything I do, especially within this business.

My ultimate goal is to reach you; to offer you the opportunity to share a memorable and joyful experience over a beautiful plate of grazing foods with your friends and family. Whether the grazing foods spread from one end of a table to the other or fit perfectly inside a luxe box & are hand-delivered to you, I hope you find a moment to slow down, be present and enjoy something beautiful with those you love.

Cheers & Cheese,